10/20/2021: Quote Of The Day

~ When We Focus On Listening To & Learning From Others Experiences ~ Reality Shifts & Changes Due To The Power Of Community Co-Operation Article: 25 Songs About Growth & Changing Life for the Better

Networked News ~ 9/17/2021

Music & Business News ~ 9/17/2021 FRI. BRIEF: Genius Sold, Audius Adds $5M, Rcrdshop Raises ‘Millions’ & More– http://ow.ly/M8U550Gc0AZ YouTube Exec Says 25% of All Viewer Hours Are Spent on Music Accounting For Over 250 Million Hours of Music Consumption Daily– http://ow.ly/CNrC50Gc0JS LinkedIn Commits $25M To Creator Accelerator Program– http://ow.ly/anvY50Gc0Mj Why Local Marketing Still Matters

Networked News ~ 9/15/2021

Music & Business News ~ 9/15/2021 WED. BRIEF: UMG IPO Approved, Record Store Black Friday Exclusives, New BTS Virtual Concert, Jason Isbell & More– http://ow.ly/a5YH50GambK If This Social Media Bot Account Experiment Succeeds, It’s Good News For Every Artist– http://ow.ly/O2Jp50Ga5Hl Did You Forget the Ketchup in Your Marketing Strategy?– http://ow.ly/VMcK50Gamhr A Massive Free Crash Course

Networked News ~ 8/11/2021

Music & Business News ~ 8/11/2021 WED. BRIEF: Pershing Sq. Buys 7.1% of UMG, Third Man To UK, Bonnaroo Vax Requirement, De La Soul To (Finally) Stream & More– http://ow.ly/UoS650FPblx YouTube Theater Now Open in Hollywood Park (6,000 Seat Venue)– http://ow.ly/XlDy50FOCw7 9 Simple Ways To Transform Your Morning Routine & Boost Productivity– http://ow.ly/mxNo50FOCyH Is It

Networked News ~ 7/22/2021

Music & Business News ~ 7/22/2021 THU. BRIEF: TikTok’s Influence Grows, Live Control Adds $30M, CTSEventim Expands, Audioshake Live & More– http://ow.ly/gr1d50FBr3v How to Use Digital Consumer Psychology to Stand Out From the Competition– http://ow.ly/VUmM50FAWzx How To Pick the Right Networking Events to Attend– http://ow.ly/boiG50FAWNb Initiative Takes Effort– http://ow.ly/g5y750FAX4r Music PR Made Easy with Ariel

Networked News ~ 7/19/2021

Music & Business News ~ 7/19/2021 MON. BRIEF: $4B UMG Deal Shifts, Spotify Stock Drops, Twitch Music Hack, Linkfire & More– http://ow.ly/AjGt50Fz6dn The Next Big Social Networking Trend? Shortform Audio– http://ow.ly/ki7K50FxFZ8 11 Morning Routines To Save Your Day– http://ow.ly/BuGC50FxH26 Free Webinar | August 4: How to Generate E-Commerce Sales Through Social Media– http://ow.ly/Xe5m50FxSke Artist’s Guide