10/20/2021: Quote Of The Day

~ When We Focus On Listening To & Learning From Others Experiences ~ Reality Shifts & Changes Due To The Power Of Community Co-Operation Article: 25 Songs About Growth & Changing Life for the Better

Networked News ~ 9/15/2021

Music & Business News ~ 9/15/2021 WED. BRIEF: UMG IPO Approved, Record Store Black Friday Exclusives, New BTS Virtual Concert, Jason Isbell & More– http://ow.ly/a5YH50GambK If This Social Media Bot Account Experiment Succeeds, It’s Good News For Every Artist– http://ow.ly/O2Jp50Ga5Hl Did You Forget the Ketchup in Your Marketing Strategy?– http://ow.ly/VMcK50Gamhr A Massive Free Crash Course

Networked News ~ 9/13/2021

Music & Business News ~ 9/13/2021 MON. BRIEF: VMA, Emmy Winners, Live Nation $444M Ocesa Acquisition, Reservoir Inks Joni Mitchell & More– http://ow.ly/1auo50G9clL Morgan Wallen Raises $725,000 For Tennessee Flood Victims– http://ow.ly/oF3O50G8uOO YouTube Opens Community Posts To Channels With 500 Subscribers– http://ow.ly/8OBj50G8uTV Shuttered Venues Are Suing The SBA Over Grant Denials– http://ow.ly/rjjP50G8uQE Turns Out Dreaming

Networked News ~ 7/21/2021

Music & Business News ~ 7/21/2021 WED. NEWS BRIEF: New Kanye, Farm Aid, Musiio, Starmony, Breakr Add Funding & More– http://ow.ly/teGB50FAFXj Vinyl Continues To Set Records– http://ow.ly/V83350FzYJ5 Learn How Branding Skills Can Help Your Business Scale– http://ow.ly/EU0i50FzYTc Lawmakers Introduce Conservatorship Reform Bill Prompted By Britney Spears Case– http://ow.ly/hPD250FAHrS The 10 Key Data Metrics You Should