10/20/2021: Quote Of The Day

~ When We Focus On Listening To & Learning From Others Experiences ~ Reality Shifts & Changes Due To The Power Of Community Co-Operation Article: 25 Songs About Growth & Changing Life for the Better

Networked News ~ 8/10/2021

Music & Business News ~ 8/10/2021 TUE. BRIEF: Sessions Adds Fan Forward Artist Tools, German Recorded Revenue Rises, Slip Stream & More– http://ow.ly/cgQz50FOpMa UK Strikes Deal Allowing Artists To Tour EU Without A Visa– http://ow.ly/tpZJ50FNReX 4 Ways To Build A Stronger Brand-Consumer Relationship Using Social Media– http://ow.ly/VJZb50FNRiG How To Strengthen Communication Within Remote & Hybrid