10/20/2021: Quote Of The Day

~ When We Focus On Listening To & Learning From Others Experiences ~ Reality Shifts & Changes Due To The Power Of Community Co-Operation Article: 25 Songs About Growth & Changing Life for the Better

Networked News ~ 10/5/2021

Music & Business News ~ 10/5/2021 TUE. BRIEF: Facebook Explains Outage, WMG + Community, YouTube Background Listening & More– http://ow.ly/bfZD50Gmja4 The Chance You’ve Been Waiting For– http://ow.ly/gFUM50GmjdZ When Will Concerts Finally Come Back? For Many Bands, They Already Have– http://ow.ly/1JW250GmjNe Why You Need The Full Life Framework To Achieve Success In Life– http://ow.ly/OSRI50Gmhor Creator TAMs:

Networked News ~ 9/27/2021

Music & Business News ~ 9/27/2021 MON BRIEF: Global Citizen Inspires, Dice Adds $122M, Tony Winners, CTS EVENTIM To US, Spoti Angels & More– http://ow.ly/znqm50GlGku How To Grow Your Podcast Audience– http://ow.ly/m76l50GlGno Why Podcast Playlists Are Important For Podcasters– http://ow.ly/Uv7E50GlGp6 7 Essential Habits Of Happier People– http://ow.ly/ybhf50GlGHS Turning Your Behind-The-Scenes Work Into Music Revenue And