It’s tough sometimes to keep up with everything going on in the music industry and business world. The Music Business Network helps connect you with information and key resources to assist in career development and advancement. This site contains educational content from aggregated sources along with videos, articles and worksheets developed by The Network as guidance tools.

Content Created By The Network:

The Network’s videos, articles and worksheets cover a variety of subject areas with different levels to help everying from beginners to more advanced professionals. This particular content is developed by The Network’s Team and select seasoned professionals from The Network (who focus on developing/providing content related to their respective areas of expertise).

Aggregated Content Distributed Via The Network:

This site contains key information from a wide range of industry professionals and organizations. We do the best we can to aggregate their content and display what we’ve found to be the most helpful news sites, books, blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels and e-NLs which discuss the music industry and general business. We do this so everyone may stay connected with the major industry news and trends in real time as to keep everyone in the loop with what’s going on in this fast paced world.

Promotion & Connections

This site also helps to provide information regarding professional organizations, workshops, panels, webinars, and other opportunities available (ranging from local to international levels) to create, sustain, and grow connections with other dedicated organizations created to helping with the advancement of one’s career goals.