10/20/2021: Quote Of The Day

~ When We Focus On Listening To & Learning From Others Experiences ~ Reality Shifts & Changes Due To The Power Of Community Co-Operation Article: 25 Songs About Growth & Changing Life for the Better

Networked News ~ 10/18/2021

Music & Business News ~ 10/18/2021 Studios And Hollywood Union Reach Tentative Deal, Averting TV, Film Strike– http://ow.ly/aGzH50Gt9ty Livestream Concerts’ Next Step: Consolidation– http://ow.ly/oJcb50Gta0l Discord: How To Change Your Profile Banner To A Different Color On Mobile– http://ow.ly/tAra50Gtat9 Instagram: How To Edit A Scheduled Live Video– http://ow.ly/9Y0M50GtaRW How To Get An Internship In The Music

Networked News ~ 10/5/2021

Music & Business News ~ 10/5/2021 TUE. BRIEF: Facebook Explains Outage, WMG + Community, YouTube Background Listening & More– http://ow.ly/bfZD50Gmja4 The Chance You’ve Been Waiting For– http://ow.ly/gFUM50GmjdZ When Will Concerts Finally Come Back? For Many Bands, They Already Have– http://ow.ly/1JW250GmjNe Why You Need The Full Life Framework To Achieve Success In Life– http://ow.ly/OSRI50Gmhor Creator TAMs:

Networked News ~ 10/1/2021

Music & Business News ~ 10/1/2021 FRI BRIEF: UMG Stock Week #1, Patreon’s $155M Plans, Tully + Symphonic, Sony Supports Musicians’ Well-Being, GigRealm & More– http://ow.ly/D3DM50GlIdw AES Fall Online 2021: http://ow.ly/tuLU50GlIic TikTok Joins The NFT Craze & The Lil Nas X Collection Is Up First– http://ow.ly/lNAG50GlIlb Posty Fest Canceled Two Weeks After Its Announcement– http://ow.ly/xEFb50GlImb

Networked News Weekly Recap: 9/20/21

Music & Business News ~ 9/20/2021 MON. BRIEF: UMG IPO, Twitch Nears Music Deal, Songwriter Guilds, Spotify + Headspace & More– http://ow.ly/iZk250Gd9mU 3 Ways To Build An Adaptive, Modern Agency– http://ow.ly/ylOz50Gd9qy Capture Your Audience In 60 Seconds Or Less With Instagram’s Stories Feature– http://ow.ly/lg3g50Gd9wE 5 Effective Ways To Promote Your Email Newsletter– http://ow.ly/Rp8h50Gd9Ai Experiment: Are

Networked News ~ 9/22/2021

Music & Business News ~ 9/22/2021 WED. BRIEF: Twitch, NMPA Agree To Agree, UK Eyes Majors, MONDO NYC, The UMG Bump, Visionary Media & More– http://ow.ly/wtl050GeGTC Twitch Reaches Long-Awaited Pact With Music Publishers, But It’s Not a Licensing Deal– http://ow.ly/pSHB50GeGZv Twitch & Music Publishers Just Agreed To Agree– http://ow.ly/MClc50GeH2n ‘Songwriters Are The Lowest Paid Person

Networked News ~ 9/15/2021

Music & Business News ~ 9/15/2021 WED. BRIEF: UMG IPO Approved, Record Store Black Friday Exclusives, New BTS Virtual Concert, Jason Isbell & More– http://ow.ly/a5YH50GambK If This Social Media Bot Account Experiment Succeeds, It’s Good News For Every Artist– http://ow.ly/O2Jp50Ga5Hl Did You Forget the Ketchup in Your Marketing Strategy?– http://ow.ly/VMcK50Gamhr A Massive Free Crash Course