Updates From The Network


We are updating everything in real time (as to keep everyone informed with what’s going on). We are doing the best we can to get everything back up and running as quickly and efficiently possible. Thank you for your continued patience as this has been a long road with many lessons learned along the way. We are grateful for all of our supporters and appreciate your presence.

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Personal Note From Our Founder / Executive Director (Kathryn N. Sano):

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of The Music Business Network. We started this back in December 2008 when I was attending NYU for my M.A. in Music Business. This originally started out for NYU students (40+ music and entertainment programs with whom I had the pleasure of interacting with). The first event was a get together and was around finals. I created the Facebook Group because finals prevented many from attending and I felt it was inappropriate to exclude them for doing their schoolwork.

After creating the group I remembered how many amazing people and organizations I had the pleasure of working with whilst I was a buyer assistant for TransWorld Entertainment Corporation (one of the last remaining brick and mortar music retailers). I figured since they helped me learn so much and really know the industry inside and out (and have done so much more) that they’d most certainly help others in this group. I invited my former co-workers and they most certainly did for others what they did for me. They provided advice, guidance, internship and job opportunity leads and so much more. After the Grammy Awards in 2009 the group took on a life of its own and I had requests coming from all over the world. I had no idea why or what happened however I went with it. Given, we didn’t own the platform we started on things changed and we moved to LinkedIn and their protocol changed. This is when we started shifting towards our own website whilst keeping the groups and continuing to host networking events.

The first event was (as far as I was concerned) a school get together and I never expected The Network to become what it became and I am extremely grateful for all who allowed for it’s success and growth over the years to make it what it is. It’s been a wild ride and one I am happy we’ve taken together. I’ve seen so many amazing things develop business-wise and personal-wise for others. This is why we do what we do. I noticed a few things which didn’t make sense in this great industry and simply filled in the gaps when called to do so. The peoples is what makes The Network work. We do this for you. This is an extension of who I am. This is an extension of who we all are. I’ve always done what I do with The Network throughout my life and everyone involved in The Network has demonstrated this is how they are as well. This is us. This is our place. This is who we are. Getting together, being ourselves, helping one another and really showing how far uniting like-minded, caring, understanding and empathetic individuals makes this world in which we share with one another a better place for everyone (especially in an industry which is notorious for being pretty unforgiving).

My mother always said, “you don’t owe anyone an explanation about anything you do.” I agree with the sentiment to an extent however, I created this and it is my duty to inform everyone who has ever engaged with The Network to explain what’s been going on and what I’ve done to keep things going.

I got hit by a truck and technically should’ve died in March of 2018. That didn’t happen however the road to recovery was a long one and I was very much abandoned by the doctors, my attorney and everyone who was supposed to help me. Not cool. However, it was a great opportunity to see how much I really cared about my life and helping others via The Network. The only reason why it was worth figuring out how to get better (which I did – it only took 3+ years) is because of all of you. I was abused in so many ways by so many which was quite disheartening. This company why I fought for my life and to get better. This is why I continued, why I refused to listen to the nonsense everyone was trying to feed me and why I kept going. I was called worthless, lost all feeling in body parts where I couldn’t work the way I once did and was given no real reason to live by anyone who was supposed to take care of me. YOU MADE SURE I OVERCAME ALL OF THAT AND CONTINUED.

Thing is, If I were doing this for myself then maybe I would’ve given up and quit life like my attorney advocated, maybe I would’ve listened to everyone who told me to, “quit and get a real job,” (since 2008), maybe I would’ve taken another job with a company in our industry to just get money (rather than staying behind the scenes as an unpaid consultant) and I most certainly would not have spent all of my money (from other jobs I worked) to keep going. I do a great job of putting on a front and acting tough as a stable representative of this company however, I have feelings just like everyone else. Everyone has their own shit. This is some of mine. I’m sharing it because it’s time to get real with everyone who has and still does care.

I still have not financially recovered from the incident in 2018 and I am currently getting paid in cans and bottles returned from events due to providing $30k+ of consulting work for an organization I care deeply for because they can’t pay for the services rendered due to the pandemic. I’m currently in debt due to sponsoring, “the greatest show that never happened,” for SXSW 2020. After that, I went into full blown observation mode and spoke for a year and some change with creatives due to pandemic mental health (still unpaid). Their success is my success. It’s our success together. Money is nice and all however, helping others and knowing they’re ok is why I do what I do and why I keep this company going. It’s what we do for one another.

The purpose of sharing this all with you is because I owe you all an explanation for operations and everything seeming disjointed. A quick breakdown is we were doing well, I got screwed by not following The Network’s own protocol, had 3 iterations of the website (GoDaddy destroyed the database – whilst I was recovering from getting hit – for the 3rd site which is why everything is being redone). I am doing this all on my own because a year ago I still wasn’t able to write, type or sit properly due to injuries sustained. This is my love letter to you and myself about overcoming all obstacles to do something for others. It’s going to take longer and I do have some people willing to help (which is awesome) however, this is what I’m doing. This version of The Network is far more developed and inclusive than ever before which is why this version of The Network (just like me recovering from injuries and extensive trauma sustained) is already stronger and more powerful than what anyone (including myself) could have imagined possible.

Thanks for listening to all of this. I know it sounds a bit low vibe however, I’m doing the best I can given the opportunity I was given to restart everything and this time around I’m moving a lot differently than I ever have. This means The Network moves different as well. More inclusive with an extreme focus on holistic care of each individual involved with this organization. Much love always loves and please continue to shine your lights bright!


~ Kate (a.k.a. Kathryn N. Sano)